Bring Plenty of Shells!
Enjoy the beautiful Maine fall while an enthusiastic lab works the cover thoroughly and feel the anticipation knowing that a highly prized ruffed grouse (known locally as partridge), or a fast moving woodcock could flush at any moment, giving even an experienced shooter a challenge, and quite a reward at the dinner table.

Allow myself and my yellow lab, Jake, to guide you on a wingshooting adventure, enjoying the scenery and the wildlife that this beautiful state has to offer. We average around 20-30 flushes per day depending on the migration of woodcock and the cyclic population of grouse. Use my dog or yours, or a combination of both. Make sure you bring plenty of shells, a camera and a good pair of boots!

Combo Packages available:

" . . . would like to add Dans dog Jake is one amazing retriever!"
John Lindstrom / Massachusetts

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