"Dan, we had a great hunting experience, After 2 hunting seasons without any turkey I could harvest 2 in 2 days. But most important for me I could learn a lot during these 2 days. Back home I had the chance during the same week to harvest my turkey on my own using the techniques we were practicing together. Keep the first 3 days of next spring season for me, I will be back in 2011 hunting turkey in Maine with you. "

- Michel

"Had the pleasure of hunting with Dan for a couple of days this spring. Despite the bad weather we were able to get on a bird on both days and sealed the deal each time. Also spent a little time with his family which was pleasure. Make sure you ask for some molasses cookies you wont be disappointed. My niece told me she wanted to go turkey hunting with me next year and I have a feeling I know exactly where I'll be taking her. Thanks for everything Dan you made my turkey hunt a time to remember. "

Tico Delgado
Miami, Florida